The Great Stroller Debate

When visiting Walt Disney World, many parents wonder if their child needs a stroller or is too old for one. Then there’s the question of whether you need a double if you have multiple children. Obviously, if your child is usually in a stroller, you need one; no question about that. You’ll walk miles in the Disney parks. However, if your child is a bit older, there’s the question of whether or not a stroller is worth the expense.

Renting one from Disney costs $15 for a day or $13 for multiple days. A double is $31 per day or $27 for multiple days. One downside of the Disney strollers is that they offer little shade and no storage. That said, they are convenient if you know you won’t need them outside of the parks, no worrying about folding down a stroller when you leave. They also fit older children better than regular strollers.

Another stroller option is to rent from various sources outside of Walt Disney World and have them deliver a stroller to your hotel. Outside rentals start at around $45 for 3 nights. These strollers are often high end models that offer tons of storage space. There are several companies that are approved by Disney, and we’d be happy to recommend one to you.

Here’s my mommy tip though, if your child is young enough to really need a stroller, you likely already own one. Don’t rent it! Every airline I’m aware of lets you gate check a stroller for free, so if you’re flying, it doesn’t cost you anything to bring your own. If you’re driving, space might be at a premium, but it’s worth squeezing that stroller in the car if at  all possible.


There are also parents of older kids who never use a stroller anymore but are worried about their kids walking so much. As the mom of a 7 year old, I can relate! Cranky, tired kids are no fun, and riding in a stroller can give them rest time between attractions. We’re at the point where we don’t bring a stroller for half days in a park, but we do bring an umbrella stroller if we are going to spend the whole day. If you don’t own a stroller or can’t fit one in your car, keep in mind you can buy a cheap umbrella stroller at a discount store once you arrive for WAY cheaper than renting a stroller from Disney or any outside company. That could be your best option.

One last thought, consider how difficult double strollers are to navigate through crowds and fold for transportation. If you have two older kids, you might want to have them alternate time riding in a single stroller.

If you have any additional questions about strollers or anything else, don’t hesitate to ask! I’d love to answer all your Disney questions and help you plan your Disney vacation.

One thought on “The Great Stroller Debate

  1. We bought a used double jogger (with multiple cup holders & large storage are underneath) & we’re so happy to have it. It allowed us to make better use of our time & stay at the park each day longer as our girls weren’t so tired.

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