Why You Should Use a Travel Agent Specializing in Disney

A question that people often ask is if they should use a travel agent when booking their Disney vacation. My answer is always yes… IF that agent specializes in Disney. Travel agents with a Disney focus, usually referred to as Disney Vacation Planners, can save you time, money, and add magic to your Disney vacation. Think of us as a personal concierge for your Disney trip.

First of all, our services are free to you! Reputable Disney Vacation Planners do not charge any fees because we get paid by Disney to help you. When you book your travel using a Disney Vacation Planner, you get an extra level of support and all our expertise at the same price, or sometimes less, than if you book your trip directly with Disney. Why can our price sometimes be less? We provide discount monitoring as part of our services! Any time a promotion is released that will save you money, we automatically apply it. That doesn’t happen without a Disney Travel Planner.

Another great reason to use a Disney Vacation Planner is that we’ve been there… a lot! No amount of reading can match the expertise of someone who has traveled to Disney numerous times. When planning your dining, we can suggest the best restaurants for special occasions, family reunions, travelers on a tight budget, and more because we have experienced them firsthand. We also know where the best parade and fireworks spots are, and we can help you choose your Fastpasses to maximize your magic and minimize your wait times. Further, Disney offers many special experiences and extras. We can recommend the ones that would fit your group and occasion.

Remember, with a Disney Vacation Planner, we do the work, and you experience the magic! We can plan your trip itinerary, provide you with touring plans so you spend less time in line, book your dining reservations, and make special rooms requests. Confused about Magic Bands or not sure whether an experience will be “worth it?” We’re just a phone call, text, or email away and will provide you with personalized service.

I hope I’ve shown you the value of using a Disney Vacation Planner. If you have any questions or would like to get started planning your Disney vacation, please email me or one of the other amazing Kingdom Destinations agents. We truly are “where the vacation magic begins!”




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