Childcare Options at Disney World

Disney World is the perfect family vacation; there is truly something for all ages, and spending time as a family can be well, magical. But sometimes there are occasions where the adults want some time to themselves. After all, there are a lot of romantic options at Disney World: signature dining with fireworks, horse-drawn carriages, unique lounges, and more. So what do you do when you want some adult time during your family vacation at Disney World? Luckily, Disney has some great options, and the kids will be just as happy as the adults.

Children’s Activity Centers

First, Disney offers children’s activity centers at several of the deluxe resorts on property: Sandcastle Club at the Beach Club, Lilo’s Playhouse at the Polynesian, Simba’s Clubhouse at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Camp Dolphin at the Dolphin Hotel. You do not have to be staying at the resort in order to use them.  The centers are designed for potty trained children from 3 to 12 (4 to 12 for Camp Dolphin) and are open from around 5:00 PM until 12:00 AM. Hours do vary a bit based on location, and it’s best to make reservations by calling 407-939-3463. Children are served dinner and snacks at all locations.

The Sandcastle Club, Lilo’s Playhouse, and Simba’s Clubhouse are using a new program modeled after the kids’ areas on Disney Cruise Line. They charge a flat rate of $55 per evening. Activities can include character meets, science experiments, cooking, and more. Camp Dolphin charges $15 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

My son and a friend recently spent a night at Lilo’s Playhouse, and while we thought it was a treat for the adults, the kids were begging to return the entire trip.


At check-in, you and your child(ren) get to pick their meal, drinks, and snacks.


Adults aren’t allowed inside, but I can show you a sneak peak of what you can see from the check-in area. There are games, a dress up center, movies, and more.


Our boys were pretty much trying to run inside from the moment we got there. We did make them come back and at least give us a hug goodbye. Former cruisers with good eyes might see the hand wash station from the ships in the last picture on the right side.

The boys gave the experience 2 thumbs up! In fact, they were pretty disappointed when we picked them up. They talked about games, some wacky science, and a visit from a certain pirate from Neverland. I think they asked about returning about 100 times during the trip.

In-Room Childcare

In addition to the child activity centers, Disney has partnered with Kids Nite Out to offer in room babysitting. This is great for families with younger children and is also a more cost effective option for families with multiple children. Their website is While the activity centers have set hours, Kids Nite Out is available 24 hours a day; you can even have a sitter join your family in the parks if you need an extra set of hands. Rates vary based on the time of day and number of children and are published on their website.

We have also used Kids Nite Out and have been very happy with their service. They are able to take your child(ren) anywhere at the resort that does not involve water, so they can visit movie night, play on the playgrounds, hit the arcade, go to dinner, attend crafts, etc. The sitters also come with a bag of goodies and toys to entertain the kids. Our last sitter even texted us pictures of our son having fun periodically throughout the night. One great part of using an in-room sitter is that they can put the kids to bed, so they aren’t over-tired the next day.

Whichever option you choose, I highly encourage you to consider an adult night while at Disney. There are so many fun options, and your kids will have a blast while you spend time connecting with your significant other or friends.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about childcare options at Walt Disney World.


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