Dining Review: Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen

Adventureland is home to the newest Table Service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, Jungle Navigation Co Ltd. Skipper Canteen. The restaurant is located across from the Swiss Family Treehouse and very close to the Jungle Cruise ride. Since it’s Disney, of course there is a story, and the story here is that the restaurant is the crew’s mess hall, now open for Jungle Cruise passengers.


I’m not going to make you wait for my opinion; this is now my favorite table service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. The decorating details are awesome. The food is outstanding, and our whole group enjoyed the corny jokes by our hostess and server. In my opinion, the Magic Kingdom is need of more Table Service options, and Skipper Canteen has unique offerings and great service.

Let’s check out the restaurant decor first. It’s broken up into a few different rooms.

The largest is the mess hall.


Check out the details in the props and bulletin board for the “staff.”


If you go through the secret bookcase….


You will find yourself in the S.E.A Room, where a secret society used to meet. It was hard to take pictures without looking like a weirdo to other diners, but here are a few. I would have loved to explore all the bookshelves.


Tip: When you check in, ask if you can eat at the butterfly table. It’s the best table in the house, and we were lucky enough to get our request on our last visit.


Now on to the eats! Disney explains the menu has a mix of Asia, South America, and Africa. There are some adventurous offerings, but there are also some items for those who don’t want to branch out.

The meal begins with bread service, and I’m going to be honest; it wasn’t my favorite. Save room for the good stuff!


The menu has been updated since our first visit. There are are a few changes, but all our favorites are still available.


The Falls Family Falafel and the S.E.A Shu Mai dumplings are favorites. Both are outstanding and very filling.


Next up are the entrees. There are some safe choices here as well as some for the more adventurous.

My friend chose the Curried Vegetable Crew Stew and enjoyed it very much. It had a bit of heat which is unusual for Disney.


On my first visit, much to my son’s dismay, I ordered Trader Sam’s Head-on Shrimp. Go ahead and close your eyes if you can’t handle that. At first I was disappointed that the rice didn’t have sauce on it, but it was actually flavorful despite that. This is probably the best meal I’ve eaten in the Magic Kingdom, and I’ve eaten at all of the restaurants multiple times.


On another visit, I wasn’t quite as hungry and decided on the “A Lot A Steak Salad.” It’s bigger than it looks and a safe choice.


If you have kids, you are probably interested in the kid’s menu. There were some complaints when it first debuted, and there have been some changes. The crispy chicken is basically Asian-style chicken tenders.


My son never passes up the chance to order steak, so that’s what he had. I “borrowed” a bite, and it was delicious. He likes his steak cooked medium, and often times kids’ steaks are overcooked, but this one was cooked perfectly. He enjoyed the potatoes and broccoli as well.


The kid’s volcano dessert has amazing detail and is also a winner.


I apologize that the rest of us didn’t have room for dessert either trip, so no pictures or reviews of that, but I do intend on trying the Kungaloosh on a future visit.

We had really enjoyed Skipper Canteen on both of our visits. I think it offers variety in a park filled with burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. If you can get a lunch reservation for Be Our Guest, I’d probably recommend that over Skipper Canteen just because the lunch prices are so much better, but I think this is your best bet for dinner if looking at quality and variety of food.

If you’ve dined there, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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