Let’s Build Lego’s Disney Castle

When it was announced that Lego was releasing a Disney castle, I knew it was something my son WE need to have. I got even more excited after seeing the size and amount of detail the castle involved. Luckily, we are part of Lego’s VIP program, so we were able to get the castle before the official September 1, 2016 release date. I ordered the castle the morning it was released, and it was at our house in a few days.

Just the box was a bit intimidating. But look at those rooms; almost all of them are themed to a Disney movie! One of the things I love about Disney travel is details you see and experience. This Lego set keeps with that attention to detail.

Once it was building time, I sorted and spread out the bags in order to see what was ahead, yep 4080 pieces. Notice the instruction manual that is larger than most novels.


Then it was time to jump in. My husband had the smart idea of using a tray to dump the pieces. This is essential as there are many small ones. Stage 1 is the foundation.


Stage 2 adds some height and includes Mickey, the first of 5 minifigures that are included with the set.


This is the end of stage 3. Our son would help us some in the evenings, and then we would continue to work after he went to bed. I was actually surprised that our son didn’t get frustrated with it, but I think that’s because he worked in small chunks of time.


Stage 4 brought some of the floor for the next story. I love the details like the light fixtures.


The inlaid floor, chandelier, and wall torches are all super cool.


Stage 5 included several cool additions. Notice the Brave-themed archery set. Minnie also got to join Mickey.


In stage 6, you build the other wall. I think this is where it starts to look very castle-like.


A nod to the movie Aladdin is included with a hanging carpet and a lamp. The carpet even lifts for storage or a fun hiding place.


Here’s a good picture of the frogs from Princess and the Frog that were actually placed in stage 1.


Stage 7 is the clock tower; it’s almost midnight, of course!


This is the progress after stage 8. It’s hard to see, but this stage contains a lot of pieces in the tower. Donald joins his friends.


Stage 9 is a lot of fun because you can really see the progress with the first story roofing going on. Now it’s on to the second story.


But wait, this is a good time to mention our new friend…


I don’t know what that thing is called, but it’s included in this set, and I love it! With a set this large, you are bound to make some mistakes. For example, we used the wrong color for the inlaid flooring (another friend did too, so take note if you plan on building this set). This guy makes breaking bricks apart a breeze.

Back to the build, stage 10 begins the second story and includes the Beauty and the Beast themed room as well as the kitchen that is inspired by both The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. I do think it’s missing Sebastian.


Stage 11 adds another story. It includes a room with a spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty and a room with accessories from Fantasia.


At this point, I was seeing these in my sleep. Seriously! Have you ever dreamed about Lego? I have.


Stage 12 has some thoughtful additions. A storybook and a box holding a glass slipper actually get hidden inside the castle. We haven’t told our son about these yet. I don’t want to encourage taking anything apart!


I found it interesting that the bedroom didn’t really have a theme.


Stage 13 includes a room with a chest containing items from Tangled: black hair, scissors, and a brush. This room is also where you can launch the fireworks. They fly amazingly far. Snow White is included with a poison apple and magic mirror.

This is how things look at the end of stage 13. So close!


Now it’s time to put it all together and finish the roof! Yes, it’s huge. REALLY huge. Note that Daisy joined Donald in a previous phase, and Tinkerbell is ready to fly from the top.


I have to include some pictures of other areas, so you can appreciate the details. Even so, no pictures really do it justice.

The hidden storybook and slipper

Details in the bottom level

So how long did it take to build? We began on a Sunday and ended on a Saturday, so it took us one week. Building with someone is MUCH faster than building alone.

Of course, now we need to decide where to put it. I think it will go in my office, but I’m not quite ready to put it away. For now, we have it in the middle of our kitchen, so we can admire our work! It’s an expensive set that takes some time to build- it’s certainly our most ambitious Lego set to date, but I think it’s worth it and love all the thought that went into incorporating so many Disney movies.

If you have built or plan to build the Disney Lego Castle, I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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