Disney Portable Phone Charger Information

Apps like MyDisneyExperience and the prevalence of using phones as a camera has made having a charged smart phone at Disney World a necessity. Maybe you have a portable charger you love and that works for you, or maybe you’re like me and always forget to charge the thing. Disney and Fuelrod have an answer. You can buy a charger from one of the stations located in Walt Disney World for $30. Then, you can exchange it for a fully charged one at any of the locations. You can also charge it yourself if you are better than me at remembering. We’re an iPhone family, and one charge seems to boost our almost dead phone to 100%.

So what comes in the Fuelrod package? Check out mine below. You get the charger, cord, plus 3 tips- Android, the current Apple, and the older Apple. You can also use the cord with a plug you already own to charge it yourself. I joke that I never remember to do this because it’s almost always true, but I have charged it a few times, and it works just fine.


If you are interested in buying a charger, they are located in several places around Disney World. I would LOVE to see them expand to have multiple locations in all of the parks and a station at each resort, but this is what is available currently.

Magic Kingdom

  • Big Top Souvenirs
  • Curtain Call Collectibles
  • Pecos Bill’s
  • Tomorrowland Light and Power Co


  • Disney Traders

Hollywood Studios

  • Celebrity 5&10

Animal Kingdom

  • Island Mercantile


  • Coronado Springs
  • All Star Sports
  • All Star Music
  • All Star Movies

Disney Springs

  • DisneyQuest
  • Marketplace Disney Photo Imaging

ESPN Wide World of Sports

  • ESPN Clubhouse Shop

The stations look like this, but the color does vary based on the location. You can see at the bottom left where the machine dispenses new chargers. To return for a new one, you simply insert the charger only (keep the cord) in the top right with the bar code lined up properly.


Would I recommend them as a purchase? We’ve been loving it. There are certainly chargers that you can buy for less money, but a charger is worthless if it’s not charged. I know because I’ve been there several times. These are small, and we’ve really enjoyed the ease of swapping it out for a fully charged one. Also, because we can exchange it, my husband and I are able to share one. That saves us some space in our bag. So if you are like me and can’t remember to charge or if you simply like convenience, I think they’re a good purchase. These stations are also located in some airports around the country, including Atlanta where we fly from frequently. The airport coverage is not widespread enough yet to add to the value at this point, however. Hopefully more of these stations will be popping up around Disney and other locations across the country.

If you’ve used one of these portable chargers for a trip, I’d love to hear your input!

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